Hey there, I’m Robin! I come from France and I’m currently studying Economics at Tokyo International University. My interest are diverse and varied, so it’s very likely that we love something in common! Movies, music, sports… I can talk about anything. But let me hear YOUR story.
To visit all continents.
I will do my best👍
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Have a good hangover!
🍹 11日前
It was a lot of fun❣️
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Thanks Robin!! I really enjoyed today’s session!!
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thank you for always.
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santé! 🍷
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Thank you for having me in consecutive two sessions! I love your classes. See you soon.
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Thank you your session
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Thank you for always. French culture is So good. Good night.
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see ya monday in JIYUGAOKA♪
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had a very good time. Thank you.
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thank you for always.
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Good vibes, funny talks, great time! Merci!
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thank you
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J’aimerais bien que vous donnerez des sessions en français aussi à Luncul un jour !
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thank you
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Love your self♪body, astral as well♭
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thanks Be careful not to drink too much, your body is important by  japanese mother yuko
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Thank you for the session today! It was really fun and awesome topics to talk♪
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🍭 1ヶ月前
Thank you for your session, it was fun!
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It's been a long time since I've been here, but you remembered a lot of things, and that made me very happy. Thank you very much.
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The sky is the limit♪
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Thanks a lot! You’re the best!
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Thank you for the session! I wanna travel to Nice in the future:)
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Your story about Air France and Paris Airport was useful for me. See you soon!
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Let's eat meat at Shin-Okubo sometime soon!
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I had fun time! Merci♡ Have a lovely night🌹
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See you again❣️
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Thank u for today ! I’m looking forward to hearing your crazy stories:)hahaha Good night.
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Thank you!
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Thank you!
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you so much!
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Thank you for fun time! Please take a good rest 😊😊
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Thank you😉
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Nice to meet you👋 Thank you for today’s sessions!!
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Thanks for the interesting meeting!
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I had a blast! Thank you so much for today.
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Thank you for the lesson today:) very comfortable to talk in the lesson with your facilitation. I’ll keep up my work till next your lesson.
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I love your lesson:)) Thanks a lot! And very nice to meet u Robin:)
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Thanks for the nice chat and fantastic facilitation, take a break from social media and get more sleep! lol
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