1 7 ヶ月
Hi! My name’s Chris. I’m 21 and currently a student of Daito Bunka University majoring in English. I love modern culture but some people think of me as “昭和男” sometimes because I like old stuff from the past. You can find out once you meet me. Looking forward to see y’all at many cafes!
To learn different cultures from different countries.
I didn't get to give you a cake for your birthday, so I'm sending you points for that! 🎁 I know it's late to say it, but Happy Birthday! I wish you many wonderful things!⭐️🎋
🍹 2ヶ月前
Good luck with your study abroad 👍
❤️ 2ヶ月前
Internet connection is bad😢 I had fun today too. thank you.
🍪 2ヶ月前
I’m sorry. My house Internet connection is bad😢 I had fun today too. thank you.
🍪 2ヶ月前
it was very fun. Thank you very much.
🍪 2ヶ月前
Thanks to you, I was able to learn about Filipino culture.、
🍪 3ヶ月前
Very funny , I have another life’s experience with food (Balut) 😆
🍹 3ヶ月前
Thanks for the session. it was fun. Let's meet again!
🍭 4ヶ月前
Thank you for remembering me even though it's been a while!またね☺️
🥨 4ヶ月前
Thank you Chris! Your session is very entertaining :)
🥨 4ヶ月前
thanks ❣️
🍭 4ヶ月前
thankyou ☺
🥨 4ヶ月前
Thank you! I’m glad to talk about Hokkaido and I felt nostalgic so much. See you next time!
🍭 5ヶ月前
I enjoyed talking with you. I’m looking forward to seeing again! Thanks!!
🍭 6ヶ月前
thank you so much🙏🙏
🥨 6ヶ月前
thanks ❣️
🍭 6ヶ月前
🍭 6ヶ月前
Conversation with you makes me positive,thanks! —Makiko—
🍹 6ヶ月前
Thank you so much!
🍪 6ヶ月前
Thank you for today's session! I hope I can join your karaoke hang out someday🎤
🍭 6ヶ月前
Thanks ❣️
🍭 6ヶ月前
It was fun!!!
🍭 6ヶ月前
Thanks for Happy time ! I didn’t feel the age difference 👍 - Makiko -
🍹 7ヶ月前
Thank you for talking with me. I want to go Phillipin EXPO
🍭 7ヶ月前
thanks ❣️
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thanks today. Check Denjin Zabogar (電人ザボーガー).
🍭 8ヶ月前
I have a good time.I learned Pokémon skills. So Thank you so much.
🥨 9ヶ月前
I was so glad to meet Chris Santa!
🥨 9ヶ月前
It was a lot of fun❣️
❤️ 10ヶ月前
thank you your session
🥨 10ヶ月前
Thank you!
❤️ 10ヶ月前
Thank you for your sessions! I had good time! Let’s talk about anime more soon:)
🍭 1年前
Thanks for all the clarification 😊. Salamappo~✨
🥨 1年前
Thank you for yesterday!!! I wanna see you soon:)
🍭 1年前
Now to meet you 😀
🍭 1年前