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Hello there! I am Andrii from Ukraine, but my friends call me Dori (yep, like a blue fish from Finding Nemo). I love cinema, basketball, football, geopolitics, exploring new cultures, screenwriting... You know what, it's better to talk about that in person. See you at Session!
To find my way and help others in finding their own
Thank you!!!
🥨 2時間前
Thank you Dori 💐
🥨 7時間前
Thank you for your session. I had a lot of fun!!
🥨 9日前
Dear Mr.Dori. My first joining session with you. Actually so active everbody, I've very impressed well. Thanks lots. Good Holiday.
🍹 28日前
Thanks as always🌸
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Thank you!!!
🥨 1ヶ月前
Thank you for the session today! I enjoyed this time. I want to talk more next time! Thank you!
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Thanks !
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I had a really enjoyed time with. I got your session next week again😆
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I'm Yoko T. Thank you for a fun time. I may see you and interested in next session.
🥨 2ヶ月前
It was fun time. Thank you!
🥨 2ヶ月前
Welcome to back LanCul!!! I was really looking forward to this moment!!! Thank you always☺️
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Thank you!
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It's Natsumi! I enjoyed so much today. I'm little bit sad that you take long break. I'll reservation your session again ! See you in April👋 Have a great day!
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Thank you
🍭 5ヶ月前
Hi Dori! This is Maori. Today’s session was so much fun I had a great time! Thank you so much and I will book your session again😊 Have a good night!
🍭 5ヶ月前
Thank you for today’s lesson. I spend comfortable time and enjoyed talking about Christmas plan. I’d liked to hear about your country more🇺🇦See you next time!
❤️ 5ヶ月前
Thank you for your session today. I became interested in Slovenia!
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Thank u so much!!
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Thanks ❣️
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Thanks for all the great conversations.
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Thanks !
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Thanks!! Tokyo takes cost ! I’m looking for some fun places for free! Because there are a few free places in Japan.
❤️ 7ヶ月前
thank you
🍭 8ヶ月前
I had a great time! Thanks☺︎
🍭 9ヶ月前
I like your vibes🤩 Plz keep sharing movies and TV series you would recommend🔥
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🥨 10ヶ月前
🍭 10ヶ月前
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Thank you for the good time! Have a wonderful evening!Looking forward to seeing you again!
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Thanks !
🥨 11ヶ月前
thank you you see you soon
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Thanks !
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Thank you so much! I enjoyed talking about NBA🏀
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks for nice talking !
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Thank you so much
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Thank you, Andrii. I would love to travel to Ukraine someday☺️ I hope see you soon:)
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thank you Dori See you soon 💐  
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