10 ヶ月
Hey everyone! My name is Klaus. I was an amateur boxer, ballet dancer and I used to play in a rock band, but my favourite thing is meeting new people and sharing stories. Second favourite is coffee. Let's grab some coffee and talk!
To finish my master's degree here in Japan.
Nice talk!
🥨 4日前
Thank you!
🍭 5日前
thanks a lot! To telk the truth, I didn't feel the earthquick today. Probably, also saori-san. depend on area. Because I was suprised! Anyway, I apriciate it. catch the later.
🥨 5日前
Thank you for precious session. Although i get nervous sometimes when I speak English,I could be relaxed your session. Definitely hit up Isshiki Beach this summer! see you!
🥨 6日前
thank you for sharing your time and experience!
🍭 7日前
Nice talk!
🥨 11日前
Thank you!
🥨 13日前
thanks a lot🍡 today's session was fantastic! I could be more relaxed session. I would like to talk about various things again. actually a fancy coffee talk!
🥨 14日前
thanks ❣️
🥨 14日前
Thank you!
🍭 14日前
https://youtu.be/elM1_HXSOrE?si=HtBN7U6zREB18G5Y You can watch how to make finger signs of your tattoo on the YouTube. The words mean
🍭 16日前
I can't speak well yet, but it was so much fun!Thank you.
🍭 23日前
Thank you today's session! I want talk you more naturaly...x( I'll tell you my review of movie "HOLMES" next time!✌︎ See you soon!
🥨 1ヶ月前
thanks ❣️
🥨 1ヶ月前
thanks ❣️
🥨 1ヶ月前
Thank you for your session!! It was a lot of fun. And I love banana candy. Lol
🥨 1ヶ月前
Thanks a lot, amigo! Happy ndw year!
🥨 1ヶ月前
Thank you so much for your time today. I'm so nervous, But you and other members makes me enjoy this time. :) I'm motivated to have many great experience in Lancul.
❤️ 2ヶ月前
Thank you for your session ❗️
🥨 2ヶ月前
Thank you for your session today!!
🥨 3ヶ月前
Thanks! I sometimes don’t know why I speak English & what for. But anyway it’s necessary for me. If I would describe, It’s similar to sports or fashion or food. I can’t explain it well🐵
❤️ 3ヶ月前
Thanks ❣️
🥨 3ヶ月前
Thanks! My first online session was terrible😆My PC suddenly died😂 I wanted to talk about instrument more! 🎷🎻🎵 and I’ll tell you ONE OK ROCK’s song next time! “Change”
❤️ 3ヶ月前
Thank you for your nice session. I don't speak English well, but I had fun time!! Have a nice night. ありがとうございました😊
🍭 3ヶ月前
Thanks! I’ll try your online session next time! But I can’t stop laughing !😆😆😆😆
❤️ 3ヶ月前
Thank you.
🥨 3ヶ月前
Thank you for every time!Your session is the best for me🎉As you said,we should ask some questions each other to make communication better for us⭐️But I have no questions so far😆😂🤣lol
❤️ 4ヶ月前
Thank you for today! I really enjoyed talking😊 I will join your session soon!
❤️ 4ヶ月前
Hi Klaus, I really enjoyed the session today! And your voice is not soothing, it’s cool and awesome!
🍹 4ヶ月前
Thank you so much for today, I really enjoyed the conversation. And I like the fact that you care about all the members and facilitate conversation including everyone.
❤️ 4ヶ月前
I spoke English for the first time in 3 weeks! It was so meaningful! I realized again how important English is🐵 I’ll bring color book & monkey next week! 🌈
❤️ 4ヶ月前
🍪 4ヶ月前
Thank you so much!!!
🍭 4ヶ月前
Two hours went by so quickly! Everyone’s conversation & atmosphere was good & comfortable , so I was getting sleepy😴 🥱Actually I wish I could talk more! See you next time!
❤️ 5ヶ月前
Thanks for every time! We interviewed you a lot today😆 By the way, stranger were looking at my skirt & counting panda for a while 😂lol lol
❤️ 5ヶ月前
Thanks a lot!
🍹 5ヶ月前
Thanks! Talking with foreigners & saying opinion are not special for me! Because of my environment I was brought up! And my travel experiences gave me a lot! I’ll wear panda next time😆🐵lol
❤️ 5ヶ月前
Thank you for the exciting session yesterday! Your session is always fun and relaxing :) see you soon!
🍭 6ヶ月前
Thanks ! I learned a lot from everyone today! Your cow pants is interesting too! 🐮 ! I’ll wear panda skirt next time! 😆🐼
❤️ 6ヶ月前
Thank you for today! It was so fun! Ballet and English are similar! “Be yourself, be confident, express myself, rational structure “ Anyway, I wanna keep learning ballet even if I can’t dance!
❤️ 6ヶ月前
Thank you!!! See you soon😆
🍭 7ヶ月前
Great conversation! Thanks a lot!
🥨 8ヶ月前
Thank you for your heartwarming session today:)I'm looking forward to see you again!
🍭 8ヶ月前
Thank you Klaus! I enjoyed your session, and looking forward to the next time :)
🥨 9ヶ月前