9 ヶ月
Hello, I’m Laura. I’m French and I’ve been living in France for the last 10 years but I’m originally from Madagascar ??. I’ve been in japan since April 2023. I’m an easy going person and I like meeting new people! Tell me about your favourite place in Tokyo.
Create a safe place for me and everyone.
Thank you for a fun time!
🍭 1日前
It was a good first time! I thought to be more fluent! Cheer your 漢字 and the princess way💪( ¨̮💪)
❤️ 9日前
I enjoyed todays lesson. Thank you ! See you ! Ganbatte ! Shino
🍪 9日前
Thanks for my first session! You and other members were helpful, so I could enjoy the time. I'm looking forward to talking with you again!
🍭 13日前
Thanks Lots. Lot of fun Barbie talk.
🍪 13日前
Surprisingly, "fortunately" great time to talk with you. Thanks lots.
🍪 27日前
Laura, thank you for the enjoyable conversation! I look forward to meeting again.
🍭 1ヶ月前
Thank you for today' lessons. Ienjoyed it very much! See you!! Shino
🍪 1ヶ月前
Thank you for today, I had really enjoyed:) I’ll have second thoughts about the boxercise activity! And I’m looking forward to seeing and talking with you again!!
🍹 2ヶ月前
Thank you for taking care of my mistake in reading the QR code on my smartphone!
🥨 3ヶ月前
thank you。
🥨 3ヶ月前
Thank you!I spend nice time!I wanna join your class again!
🍭 3ヶ月前
thank you
🥨 4ヶ月前
It was fun, thank you
🥨 4ヶ月前
thank you for spending with us. take a good rest! I wanna go to the Kokugikan at Ryogoku. I also wanted to ask about French food!Anyway! I appriciate it.
🍭 4ヶ月前
Hi Laura! Thank you for the good time. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! Your smile healed me. I want to talk to you again. I'm going to watch Barbie's movie soon.😊
🥨 4ヶ月前
I joined english conversation first time. Thank you for your kindness!! I really enjoyed your class.
🍭 4ヶ月前
🍭 4ヶ月前
Thanks for talking with me ☺️
🍭 4ヶ月前
thank you
🍪 5ヶ月前
thank you
🍭 6ヶ月前
Thank you for your hospitality . I am terribly sorry for joining the wrong session but you were so kind to accept me.
🍭 7ヶ月前
I really enjoyed talking with you tonight!
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thank you!
🍭 7ヶ月前
thank you so much for the class.I spent precious time today
🥨 8ヶ月前
you are so cute!
🍭 8ヶ月前
Thank you Laura! It was a good time!
🥨 8ヶ月前
thank you for your session. I'm very happy I can meet you!
🍭 8ヶ月前
Thank you for your session and topics. See you soon.
🍹 8ヶ月前