Hi! I'm Meya. I’m a Polish person in love with Japan. I majored in Psychology and I came here to experience this amazing country! My interests are all over the place so tell me about yours! I’d say there’s about a 100% chance I also will be interested in the things you love!
To promote mental and physical health more!
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Your lessons are always so much fun!
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I love your session😊❗️
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Thank you Meya!
🥨 1ヶ月前
Thank you so much♡I had a lot of fun!!
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Thank you😊
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Thanks for asking a question from me and sorry for making you confused😭😭 I love your session. It was awesome time💓
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Thank you 😊
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Nice to meet you sooo much! Please enjoy your life in Japan!
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Thank you for sharing many sweets 🍫 I was really excited 😆
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Thank you every time 😊
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Enjoy Sakura 🌸🌸🌸
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Thank you!!
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Thank you so much 😊
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Thank you for yesterday. I was happy you remember me. You must be busy eveyday so take care of health. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
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It was very nice talking with you and other participants. Had so much fun! Hope you stay safe in the coming heavy snow tomorrow. Kosuke
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hi! i'm sorry Today i was little Distracted, actually there was our side's on sitting popular guys they called to YOASOBI, that's way I'm so confused and surprised it.Thanks Let's talk more next time!
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Many thanks for the meeting. I was fun. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
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I enjoyed today’s session! I want to see you again!
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Thank you for a fun time. Hope to see you again!
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Thank you, Meya!
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Thank you for the candies!! Have a nice holiday☺️
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I was so encouraged by your words! Thank you!
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Wellcome back to Japan !
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Thank you so much♡
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Thank you
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Thank you for your answer in your webinar. You made me motivated!
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thanks today! I like your session😆
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Thank you for the wonderful conversation today.
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Hi meya, It's nice to know your sister and brother can walk to your parents' beautiful home, these are like beautiful dreams, but real life. I wish you see them soon. Thank you the beautiful morning
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