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Hi there! My name is Alen. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and I am now studying Japanese in here in Tokyo. I used to work as a Sports Analyst back in Manila. I want to learn more about Japan, that's why I'm excited to meet you all and exchange stories with everyone!
To stay in Japan and follow my intuition!
thank you. I'll read it again bymyself!
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Thanks always!
🥨 4日前
Thank you for good time!
🥨 18日前
Thank you for offering me nice time !
🍭 18日前
I had a good time. Thank you!
🍭 19日前
Thank you for teaching me your country's information!
🍭 19日前
thank you.
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🥨 24日前
Thanks for the session today. It’s fun to hear about interesting Filipino cultures.Now I’m craving for cinema popcorn again lol
🍭 29日前
youre best!!
🍪 1ヶ月前
Thank you for sharing important things to master a language even though I didn't pay much attention to in my usual sessions.You complemented it.
🍭 1ヶ月前
Thank you for teaching new words!
🍭 1ヶ月前
Thank you, Alen! I’m looking forward to see you again!
🍹 1ヶ月前
thanks you
🥨 2ヶ月前
thank you for your support to learn english.
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thank you for yor session today!
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thank you
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Thanks for your session ❣️
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Thank you!
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My English isn't very good, but he listen to me, and he gives me a chance to speak English. And, he taught me difficult English whth write it notebook ! I appreciate it very much!
🥨 4ヶ月前
Thanks! fun! Good for me
🍭 5ヶ月前
talking about local, seijo-no yu spa, is it accessable or too far?
🍭 5ヶ月前
thank you for your session. it was amazing!
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thank you!
🥨 5ヶ月前
thank you!
🥨 5ヶ月前
I leaned some new phrases, binge-watch.
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thank you for today's lesson. I want to get used to speaking english.
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thank you
🍭 5ヶ月前
Thank you ! In my case, I’m fed up with Japan😅 I’ll try looking for other places to live. I know it’s not easy though. I hope I’ll find !
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thank you!
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Thanks a lot!!!
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Thank you for speaking with us!
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Thank you for the souvenir.
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Thank you!
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thank you for your session! enjoy your summer vacation!
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Thank you!
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I'm glad that you're pleased with my improvement!!!
🥨 9ヶ月前
Thank you for the good times! I pray your pain heals quickly!💐
🥨 9ヶ月前
Thank you Alen! I enjoyed your session style a lot :)
🥨 10ヶ月前
Take care of yourself💐I look forward to seeing you again!
🥨 10ヶ月前
Your session is great,Thank you as always
🥨 10ヶ月前
Many thanks for interesting conversation!
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I had a great time today! Thank you for your facilitation and the company!
❤️ 10ヶ月前
Many thanks!
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🍭 11ヶ月前
Many thanks for interesting conversation today!
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Thank you very much. I like your session.
🍭 11ヶ月前
Thank you for today's webinar! I also like the episode that Lupita Nyong'o shared about 3 months ago. He was being T'challa in real. I'd like to talk about this someday🐆 https://youtu.be/ZezYpHPIKY4
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Many thanks for interesting conversation!
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Thanks! Alen! -Makiko-
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