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Hi there! My name is Alen. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and I am now studying Japanese in here in Tokyo. I used to work as a Sports Analyst back in Manila. I want to learn more about Japan, that's why I'm excited to meet you all and exchange stories with everyone!
To stay in Japan and follow my intuition!
Thanks for the session🙌
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First Allen session for a long time. I had a great time. Thanks 😊
🍪 22日前
Thank you, Alen!
🍭 23日前
Thank you! I had a good time.
🥨 26日前
Just amazing! 👍🏻
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I enjoyed the ひさしぶりの sessions in person a lot. And thank you for bringing the thing that I asked to. Since it's becoming one of the best seasons for ramen, let's go grab them sometime again!!
🍹 1ヶ月前
I had a lot of fun today! Thank you so much😊
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I had great time with you today thanks millions!!
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It was a wonderful speech filled with her own real feeling. thank you for sharing, Allen.
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Thanks! I really enjoyed today’s session!
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Let’s go to the beaches with me lol
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Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed your session and your story!
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It was a great time! Thank you so much.
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Thanks a lot❣️
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Thank you, Alen!
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Thank you for teaching practical English🌈✨
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Thanks a lot. Its amazing how quickly the time flew by!
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Thank you👋
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Thank you for fun sessions! You always choose interesting topics and facilitate well so that I can enjoy conversation everytime!
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Thank you 😇
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Thank you so much 😃
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Thank you 😊
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I had really fun time!! Thanks 😊
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I learned new English words today. Thank you for a fun time.
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thankyou! you always make us happy😆
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Enjoy reading the rest of the philosophy novel!!
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Thank you so much ☺︎☺︎☺︎
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thanks !
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Dear Alen. Thank you for your message. Tomoko
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Thanks for the meeting yesterday. I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
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Thank you for the beneficial time! Wishing you a happy weekend🥳
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thanks !
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Thank you for the wonderful time!
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Thank you for your session today! and I am very looking forward to go to Koenji :)
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I dropped in the Costcoてきなshop after the session! Take care of your neck!!
🥨 1年前
Thank you for your session!
❤️ 1年前
Thank you for educating me a lot!! I remembered the word after the session. That is "virtually". So next time let me ask you about it in addition to todays words “practically and essentially.☺️
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Hello. My name is Michio Ishida. Today's topic was very fun. And I want to go to Tokyo Skytree.
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Thank you for teaching some words!!
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Thank you for reading☺️
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Thank you ♪ Although it was terrible weather,I enjoyed my day off. Enjoy ラーメン!!
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Thank you
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Thank you
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