2 4 ヶ月
Hey everyone! My name is Anthony, but you can call me Ant for short, and I’m from America. As for my hobbies, I enjoy photography, anime, food, and friends, but the world is so big and full of many things to do so I always keep an open mind!
It's already been like a heaven to be Japan to enjoy my hobbies
thank you a lot! it was really enjoyable tm talk with you!
🍭 8日前
I’m looking forward to talking about GUNDAM with you next time.
🍹 19日前
Hi! Im your son.Thank you verymuch todays session.Im very enjoyed! Im looking forward to see you nexttime. Maiko
❤️ 1ヶ月前
Thank you for the today’s sessions!
🍭 1ヶ月前
thank you
🥨 2ヶ月前
Thanks for a fun and informative time today.
🍭 2ヶ月前
Thank you!
🍭 2ヶ月前
thank you
🥨 3ヶ月前
I enjoyed your session! I'll try to think in English more. Thank you!
🍭 3ヶ月前
thank you grate time this lesson! I could’t speak english well. but,I would like to tolking english well foreveryone so,I want to more try free tolk convesation very well anyone.
🍭 3ヶ月前
Thanks for today! I just joined LanCul so I’m thinking about how should I make the most. Talking with foreigners reminds me my trip memories. Anyway,I’ll keep learning so far.
❤️ 3ヶ月前
The quiz you gave us was very interesting! Be careful on the way home, it might be crowded with people who went to the fireworks show🎆 I look forward to seeing you again!
🥨 4ヶ月前
Thanks again for a fun session☺︎
🥨 4ヶ月前
thank you:)
🍭 4ヶ月前
Thx! See you soon💃💃💃
🥨 5ヶ月前
🥨 6ヶ月前
Thank you so much!😊私が分からない時、ワードを変えて違う言葉を使って分かりやすく話してくれたのが凄く良かったです!
🍭 6ヶ月前
Thank you so much!!
🥨 7ヶ月前
Thank you for a great time! I always appreciate your caring sessions☺️I look forward to seeing you again!
🥨 7ヶ月前
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thank you ❗️ I hope it goes well everything.
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thank you Ant🙏 It was my first time participating and it was fun. I will learn English and try to speak it! See you again✨️
🍪 7ヶ月前
Thank you!!!
🍭 8ヶ月前
Thank you for today's session! See you soon.
🍭 9ヶ月前
🍭 9ヶ月前
Thanks for talking me for an hour! I appreciate it and have a good one!
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🍭 1年前
Having good time to talk with you casually, I hope we can catch up soon!
🍭 1年前
thx always !
🥨 1年前
thank you!
🍭 1年前
🍭 1年前
First Ant session in a long time, you listened so kindly and I really enjoyed it... Thank you 😊
🍪 1年前
It's been fun! I hope to see you again!
🥨 1年前
It was very easy to hear,because you spoke slowly😊
🍭 1年前
Thank you Ant-san!! It was nice too see you and really enjoyed talking with you!
🥨 1年前
I had so much fun today, we got to love-talk. Don't give up, lol. I won't give up either.😆
🍪 1年前
Thanks a lot!!
🍭 1年前
Thank you for a good time:)))
🍭 1年前
Nice to meet you!! Enjoy meetup 😊
🍭 1年前
Thank you for always thinking of us!
🥨 1年前
Thank you so much for having me in your session today!it was my first session as a trial and was so fun. I definitely join your session again soon!
🥨 1年前
Thank you for the other day! Your lesson was fruitful!
🍭 1年前
Ant san, thank you very much for today’s session. I’m looking forward to joining your photography session! Have a nice weekend😄
🍪 2年前