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こんにちは!Hello! I'm Jahdai. I am a professional dancer who loves to battle and teach. I am working on becoming a professional photographer in Japan for food and Japanese fashion as well. I moved to Tokyo from California and I love it out here. I can’t wait to meet you!
Finding something to help people with my language and creative skills.
Thank you for your kindness
🍪 4日前
Thanks Jahdai. - Makiko-
🍹 8日前
I enjoyed it very much👍✨
❤️ 27日前
First session in a long time. I really enjoyed it. Thank you 😊
🍪 1ヶ月前
I had a good time , thanks !
🍹 2ヶ月前
It was a lot of fun❣️
❤️ 2ヶ月前
Thank you for nice talking today. Next time I will be prepared to talk about Koyasan for you!
❤️ 3ヶ月前
Thank you for making more exciting always.
🍹 3ヶ月前
I had a very good time.
❤️ 3ヶ月前
Thank you so much☺️I'm looking forward to talking with you🌱
🍪 3ヶ月前
🍹 3ヶ月前
It was very interesting. Thank you 😆
🍪 4ヶ月前
You are the best!!
🍭 4ヶ月前
Thank you so much. Today was fun again‼️
🍭 5ヶ月前
Thanks so much for today!
🍪 5ヶ月前
The conversation and the atmosphere were so interesting. The time flew by.
🥨 5ヶ月前
Competitive is Makezugirai in Japanese. I googled it! Thank you for amazing time✨
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thank you for your session! I’ve enjoyed various topics that I felt good vibes :)
🍭 7ヶ月前
Thank you for the fun session today! Looking forward to joining your next session soon :)
🍭 8ヶ月前
I was the most fun lesson ever! you are a genius.
🥨 8ヶ月前
It was nice to see you Jahdai! It was fun and surprised that we have things in common! Let’s talk about San Diego next time :)
🍭 10ヶ月前
Thank you so much 😊 It was a really fun season that I have ever experienced. Let’s enjoy Marvel movies and Pokémon😆
🥨 10ヶ月前
Many thanks for the lesson. I was fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
🥨 1年前
Thank you so much!!! I will take your session again!
🍭 1年前
His talking is super smooth and fun! He makes everyone laugh and I love it. Cool guy :)
🥨 1年前
Thank you for the amazing time! Next time for sure, RAMEN will win🔥
🥨 1年前
Thank you for the fun time!! I couldn't get the English words out…but I'd love to talk to you again.😆🌟🌟I will practice dancing🤩❤️
🥨 1年前
I gonna go Parasite museum maybe...lol Thank you for fun time!
🥨 1年前
Tkank you for your kindness !! 🍈🍞🍦
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